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At WAVP Limited, we care about your privacy. When you browse throughout site, we collect information on the efficiency and working of our Web site. This information includes the number of times a web page is accessed, the browser used, and paths taken when moving through the Web site. We purge this information yearly.

We also collect information with regard to sales, however this information is destroyed immediately a transaction is completed.

WAVP Limited uses cookies (small files on your computer) to store information but only for the actual session. Cookies do not store any personal or browsing habits information.

Any links provided to external sites are for convenience only. No recommendation should be read into the provision of these links and no responsibility is accepted for the content of those sites.

This site is copyright WAVP Limited/2011

The site or any other hosted site contains copyright audio files which may be listened to using the player provided but under no circumstances may they be downloaded. The use of download tools (such as Real Player) to download is prohibited. All files are clearly marked copyright and are also digitally watermarked. They are not public domain files.

No contractual relationships with WAVP Limited are created when purchasing goods via this site. Any contractual agreements created are between the site user and the supplier (eg Amazon).

Any emails purporting to come from an address such as, a random set of letters@bhchoir.co.uk or org.uk should be treated as spam. We have seen such emails circulating in the past. The ISP/Domain administrators which the originators have used, have been contacted in those cases we know about. If you wish to submit any emails received for investigation, please forward them with a copy of the email header (in message properties) to postmaster@wavp.co.uk. We have also seen recently someone spoofing the address avp@wavp.co.uk. The message here is one of care when receiving emails. The address shown is not necessarily the address from which the email originates.

This site or any other hosted site does not collect any personal information apart from name and address information gathered in respect to ticket purchases etc. which is destroyed shortly after the transaction is completed. Such information is not added to any mailing list or used for any other purpose the supplying the ordered tickets. Statistics are gathered as part of normal website operation (including referring site) but this information cannot be linked to specific individuals and is not publicly available. No cookies are used apart from WAVP Limited in respect to the counter and guest book which is required for correct operation. Please note however that the site contains links and embedded websites over which we have no control over cookie policies.

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