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Our CD/WEB recording service can be as simple or as complex as required. From something as simple as a wedding recorded unobtrusively with small hidden digital recorders to a 24 track recording of an orchestra, brass band, choir etc. The 24 track facility allows mixdown after the recording is made. This speeds up the actual recording itself.

The service will include recording, full digital editing and production of finished CD's or WEB based sound files (MP3/WMA etc.) as required. If the recording is to be commercial in nature (ie for sale or publishing on the web) then we will deal with the legal aspects associated with the recording. However any MPRS royalty charges will be chargeable separate from our recording charge. However this will not effect recordings made for own private use or indeed weddings. Any MPRS charge will be known up front. Neither does the charge include any venue hire charge.

The nature of CD's produced will depend on the number ordered. In the case of a commercial recording (ie 500 disks plus) then the discs will be pressed CD's. For small runs they will be burnt CD's as those produced on computer CD writers. The latter may be unplayable on very early CD players. All modern CD/DVD players and all computers will be able to read them. The economies of small runs of pressed CD's is prohibitive.

The service will include full artwork and printing, either to your or our design (approved by you). Normal CD packing and cellophane sealing in the case of pressed CD's.
The service can be restricted to records and mastering only if you wish to deal with the duplication, artwork etc. elements yourselves or only 1 copy is required.

Whilst we cannot quote costs here, as all contracts are different the normal 24 track recording charge will be around £2000 for 500 pressed CD's, 1 days recording plus 4 days mastering and 1 day administration. We are able to extend these periods subject to prior agreement. For other events, please contact us for a quote.

St James Church, Kingstone, Purbecks, Dorset. Where we have recorded in the past

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